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Propane For The Home.

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As a clean-burning fuel, you don’t have to worry about adding carbon emissions into the atmosphere. As a cost-effective resource, you’ll notice the savings when comparing what you’d spend on oil, electric, or natural gas. As backup fuel, you won’t have to worry about losing the lights whenever a strong storm blows through. If you’re looking for something reliable, and efficient to power your home, propane is the perfect solution to your homeowner’s woes.

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Water Heating

No one likes a cold shower. Using propane to fuel your water heater will ensure that you always have warm water when you wash up.

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Pool Heating

When the summer heat comes your way, you’ll want to jump into the nearest swimming pool. Using propane will keep the water warm with every dive.

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Home Heating

Winter brings cold winds, but using propane as your home heating solution will make sure that when the snow falls, you’ll always be warm.

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Fire Pit Fuel

Family, friends, and S’mores are all staples of fun summer nights. With a propane fire pit, no one’s on log duty.

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After a cold day, nothing beats warming up in front of the fire, propane gives you instant access to the calming heat of a gas fireplace.

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Give yourself the edge you need for your next barbeque. Propane delivers the heat you need, without the stress that you don’t.

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Cooking Appliances

There’s a reason more chefs prefer using gas stoves. Switching to propane grants you access to instant heat, energy efficiency, and accurate temperatures.

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Outdoor Lighting

Give your home some beautiful added lighting that will not only make it stand out, but will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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Laundry Machines

Compared to electric models, propane laundry machines produce fewer wrinkles, faster dry-times, and are very efficient to use.

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Backup Generators

When rough storms blow your way, find comfort knowing that your home will still be operational even in the event of a power outage.

Heating Oil For The Home.

For residential and commercial use, North Shore Oil & Propane delivers heating oil on time and within your budget. We provide everything you need to keep your home or business warm with our dependable heating oil delivery.

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